Wednesday, 18 January 2012

London 2012 ticket buying process.

London 2012 Summer Olympic ticket requests
The organizers have already completed the allocation of tickets for the London 2012 Summer Games Olympic and Summer Paralympic Games.

Tickets will be sent in the summer of 2012, which is when you are away from their seats.

If you have any questions and have not been able to find information, please call 0844 847 2012.

Summer Olympic and Summer  Paralympic Games ticket

Summer Olympic Football Tournament

The Summer Olympic Football Tournament to see some of the world's best men's and women's teams competing in six of the best stadiums in the UK for 13 action-packed days of competition.

Remaining tickets are on sale online and by phone on a first come, first served basis, with only Visa, until 6 pm on Monday, February 6, 2012.

Payment of the price will start at just £ 20 with special rates for people under 16 years and over 60 years.

Note that not all sessions and price categories will be available. For more information download the Summer Olympic Football Tournament full calendar of competitions, including ticket prices.

Other entries of the Summer Olympic Games

Rest of the Summer Olympic Games tickets will go on sale in spring 2012. Please see ticket prices and competition schedules for more information.

Paralympics tickets

For 12 days in the summer of 2012 the world's eyes focused on the Paralympic Games. With more athletes and teams to compete in London than at any previous Games, this will showcase Paralympic sports spectacular.

Remaining tickets are already on sale online and by phone on a first come, first served basis, with only Visa, until 6 pm on Monday, February 6, 2012.

Tickets cost from £ 10 for adults with a special price of £ 5 for youth and seniors.

Please see ticket prices and competition schedules for more information. Note that not all sessions and price categories will be available.

If you do not have a Visa card and you want tickets for the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games and Summer Paralympic Games, please visit the Visa website for more information on how to obtain a Visa (debit, credit and prepaid) .

If you already have a virtual Visa card issued before September 30, 2011, you can load funds onto the card and use it to buy tickets online and by phone.

You will need to access your account ticket for purchasing tickets, so be sure to have your login ready. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it now.

If you want to buy tickets for the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games and Summer Paralympic Games and that not create an account selling tickets for London 2012, you can start again for registering your interest with us. Let us know your favorite sports and events for us to mail information about that interest you.

Do not be fooled by the fake Web sites and organizations that want to sell tickets to the Games. To check whether a website is an official sales channel using our website checker

Resale of tickets
If you are no longer able to use the Summer Olympic and Summer Paralympic tickets purchased before January 6, 2012, you may submit through the London 2012 official program of the resale of the ticket is Tuesday January 17, 2012 and February 3 2012 18:00. This is the only authorized to sell tickets they can not use.

A new opportunity to tickets purchased after January 6, 2012 will be available from spring 2012.

Tickets are strictly non-transferable and must not be sold or advertised for sale on the Internet, in newspapers or in any other place other than through the official London 2012 ticket resale program. Please read the resale of tickets and the terms and conditions of the resale of tickets for all the details on the transfer, resale and use of tickets.

Please beware of tickets sold by unauthorized websites. Read more about staying safe online and not get scammed in illegal Ticket Sale


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