Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tickets Scam – Learn how to avoid it

Scam or Genuine Website – Yes few days ago, we brought you a post concerning online Scam well, as said by the well known Scam Busters website, scam artists arrive creeping out of the woodwork throughout times of financial difficulties, and so, as you can visualize, they’re out in full-force at the moment.

So today, we thought we’d bring you little information on how to stay away from one kind of scam like “event tickets scam”.

Buy Tickets from Tickets seller only
Say you are purchasing a ticket online let’s say from third party or even outside of an event. This is not a perfect place to buy, as you should always try to get ticket from the ticket sellers themselves; but we will give you the advantage of the doubt and say the event sold out right away. So before you buy your ticket from an outer source, ensure you know.

Cross-check actual tickets
If you have already seen how actual tickets look for the event, the best thing would be to take a look cross-check the tickets. If you did not, get an image of the ticket on the website, or call the venue as well as have them explain the ticket. This might sound a slight weird, but it is better to ask and make it clear.

Face value of the ticket
Even if the event is already marketed out, you should be able to go to the web page and discover out how much passes were going for initially. Many periods if a celebration is in need and marketed out easily, on the internet suppliers and scalpers will increase up their costs, they could be over twice the unique price, but this does not essentially mean you are getting scammed! It’s up to you how much you are willing to spend money for a ticket; just make sure it’s genuine first.

If the ticket is on someone else’s name, can you still use it or not, to check this out, ask the person behind the event directly don’t depend on gossip or rumor.
Don’t buy a paper, printed-out ticket
Once you have done your analysis and you know the ticket is actual, useful, and is not too costly, you are going to need to actually buy the thing. If you are purchasing on the internet, try not to buy a ticket that the vendor can simply e-mail you, or just gives print out to you. Why? The vendor can e-mail or print out plenty of duplicates of these, and while it very well may be genuine, it will only work for one person! So whoever reveals up first with the ticket will get in; the other customers will have been deceived.

Be alert while you make payment
If you do discover your ticket on the internet, ensure it is from a regional vendor. Essentially, you can meet the person head to head and check the ticket before you give away the cash but always be alert of the following:

• Electronic funds.
• Using service like BidPay or PayPal.
• Don’t give private financial information like your SSN, checking account No., credit card No., or even PayPal info  don’t pay for something online except it is from a trusted, safe source.

Meet the seller in a safe location
If you are not receiving your ticket by mail, you will have to meet the vendor head to head, that’s the most excellent option, so you can check the ticket as well as get a feel for the person selling it; but be sure to do it carefully. Choose a public place, if you meet at the bank, the vendor can make sure your money is legit. Remember, the vendor might have his or her own apprehensions about you, try to meet during the daylight hours and come with your friend or family member or let someone know where you’re going. If you are paying in cash, don’t carry to much cash with you.  With these useful tips and your unquestionably sharp instinct, you should be just fine.


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